We will be providing three beautiful routes around the Corvallis area.

The 12-mile route starts at 11am and is primarily on separated bike paths, in bike lanes or on neighborhood streets.  We encourage occasional or new cyclists and families to ride this route.  There will be one rest stop with child-friendly activities, snacks and drinks. 

The 30-mile route starts at 9am and will wind around Corvallis and then head southwest down the Willamette Valley and over to Philomath.  It is designed for slightly more experienced riders and has moderate hills.  This route will have two rest stops with snacks and drinks.

The 62-mile route starts at 7am and is intended for experienced cyclists who want an early-season endurance ride.  It proceeds down the Willamette valley to Harrisburg where it turns north and heads back to Corvallis on Peoria road.  This route will have three rest stops, each with snacks and drinks.

Please view more detailed maps of the routes here:


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